Bahrain Air to Implement Airbus’s EFB iPad Application in its Flight Deck
Wednesday, 28 November 2012
Bahrain Air, announced is to implement FlySmart with Airbus’s EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) solution which gives pilots a chance to exploit numerous features such as calculating flight performances and looking up flight manuals using Apple’s digital device, the iPad. 

The new system, FlySmart with Airbus, replaces the traditional PC-based EFB method.

Captain Waleed AlShamsi, Bahrain Air’s director of flight operations, said “We’re pleased to get the new FlySmart with Airbus EFB solution on our flights.” 

“We are continuingly looking ahead to implementing state of the art equipment and tools on our aircraft in our commitment to the highest standards of safety whilst attempting to minimize costs.” 

First Officer Maitham AlShaikh trained at the Airbus facility become a certified instructor on the FlySmart, added, “We were very successful in implementing the system that help the pilots carry a 1.5-pound iPad instead of 35 pounds of paper material which results in more than half a gallon of fuel saved per flight hour.  The iPad allows pilots to access information faster and easier and also increases the situational awareness of the pilots which leads to better decision making.” 

According to Bahrain Air, they are the first airline in the Gulf region and one of the first five Airlines globally to implement  Airbus’s “FlySmart with Airbus” app in flight deck.