Republic of Tunisia Economy Airport sector
Tunisia FlagLocation: Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Algeria and Libya.

Geography: strategic location in central Mediterranean; Malta and Tunisia are discussing the commercial exploitation of the continental shelf between their countries, particularly for oil exploration.

Total area:- 163,610 sq km, land area:- 155,360 sq km, water area:- 8,250 sq km.

Capital: Tunis.

Industries: petroleum, mining (particularly phosphate and iron ore), tourism, textiles, footwear, agribusiness, beverages.

Languages: Arabic (official and one of the languages of commerce), French (commerce).

National Holiday: Independence Day, 20 March (1956)

Currency (Code):  Tunisian dinar (TND).

Population:  10,589,025 (July 2010 est.)

Labor force:  3.83 million (2009 est.)

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