Bahrain Air Retrofits its Business Class Cabin
Saturday, 01 December 2012
Bahrain Air, has introduced new business class seats on one of its Airbus ِA-320 aircraft along with its new In-Flight Entertainment (IFE)  for business  class passengers.

Naeem Mahamoor Bahrain Air’s marketing manager stated, “We are in the process of enhancing the business class cabin with new seats and state of the art In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) which has been customized to our clientele likes and to be a step ahead of our competition. With the new seats, IFE program and competitive pricing structure we will have one of the best business class facilities in the region for the region’s business traveler at affordable fares”.

The new business class seat pitch is 45 inches,  eight seats will be installed in the  business class cabins on all aircraft. During the first phase, two Bahrain Air Airbus A-319 & A-320 aircraft will be refitted with the new configuration and will also include replacement of curtains, new wall partitions and new flooring.