SITA will Work to Optimize Gulf Air’s Network Connectivity
Wednesday, 28 November 2012
Manama, Bahrain, Gulf Air and SITA, have signed an agreement that will enable Gulf Air to use SITA’s network services to optimize its operations across 48 destinations where it operates. 

The agreement, announced today in Manama, includes the provision of all private network, internet, voice, messaging and reporting services for Gulf Air. SITA will provide a variety of connectivity methods to the airline’s offices at airports in more than 20 countries across four continents. These will range from private MPLS-based connections to public internet connections and will include connectivity to Gulf Air’s air transport industry partners, a unique feature of SITA’s network which is embedded throughout its servicenet architecture. Through this optimization the airline expects cost savings of up to 22 percent in IP related services at airports worldwide.

Samer Majali, CEO, Gulf Air, said: “Gulf Air recognises the importance of technology as a key element of its business and has been proactively upgrading its technical capabilities to serve its customers faster, easier and more efficiently. The new technology optimisation not only improves efficiencies across our business but also saves our communications costs significantly. SITA is a long-standing partner of Gulf Air and its continued focus on optimizing network communications by leveraging the latest technology has ensured that our partnership continues.”

SITA can also supply cost-effective and inherently redundant connectivity at airports which is based on its private MPLS networks. Gulf Air will use these community-specific services, called SITA AirportHub, for access to its departure control systems at the 20 airports in which it operates.

Hani El Assaad, SITA’s president Middle East, India & Africa, said: “Gulf Air leads the way in its deployment of smart technologies. SITA’s efficient network connectivity enables savings and improved productivity for airlines and will support Gulf Air as it continues to make its operations leaner.”