In view of the developments in Libya, the EU Council today lifted the freeze on the financial assets and economic resources of 28 Libyan entities. Today's decision amends Council decision 2011/137/CFSP of 28 February, which introduced a travel ban and an assets freeze, while granting the necessary humanitarian exemptions.

Ports, energy companies, banks and the national airline are among the 28 Libyan entities which have had their European Union sanctions lifted,. Libyan Arab Airlines as well as on port authorities in Tripoli, al Khoms, Brega and Ras Lanuf.

Afriqiyah Airways, the Libya’s other national carrier, was separately listed on 23 May. The EU  document stated that it was owned by the Libyan African Investment Portfolio, an entity "owned and controlled by the regime".

Afriqiyah Airways, is not specifically as having had restrictions lifted as announced by the EU ban lift, the reasons are unclear. The two national carriers had merger talks prior to the Libyan uprisings.

Source: EU