British Airways Survey Over 75 Percent of UAE Nationals Use Online Flight Booking
Monday, 02 December 2013
DUBAI - A recent survey commissioned by British Airways reveals that UAE nationals intent on travelling as often as possible, with the results highlighting one in seven UAE nationals fly at least once every few months.

Questioned 75 percent of  UAE nationals book their flights online rather than over the phone or through a travel agent, the highest rate from across the Middle East region.  While over half of UAE nationals select online check-ins. 

Paolo De Renzis, British Airways area commercial manager for the Middle East and Central Asia, said: “The travel market and particularly the aviation sector is one which has been hugely influenced by advances in technology, particularly over the last decade.

"It is no surprise that the aviation industry is looking more and more towards technology to provide solutions, both from the perspective of the traveler and the in-house technology of the airline itself.

“I strongly believe that the investments that airlines make in their technology now will influence and define the future of travel. As a leader in the aviation industry British Airways has pioneered many products and services that have defined the travel industry; we were the first airline to introduce fully flat beds, and served the very first version of the in-flight meal.

"The investments that we are making in our technology are another step towards taking the aviation industry to new heights, and I look forward to seeing how today’s technology defines and shapes the future of travel.”