Turkish Airlines to Take Delivery of 7 Boeing 777 and 5 Boeing 737 Aircraft in 2015
Monday, 11 May 2015
The Boeing's Next-Generation 737-900ER is a short-to-medium range twinjet that increases the capability of the Next-Generation 737 family.
SEATTLE, Boeing (NYSE: BA) and Turkish Airlines jointly announced the delivery of the airline's 125th aircraft purchased from Boeing – a Next-Generation 737-900ER – and one of 12 aircraft the Turkish flag-carrier will take delivery of this year. 

Boeing and Turkish Airlines' relationship goes back to 1968 when the airline first purchased one McDonnell Douglas DC-9. In 1974, it began operating the first of the Boeing 7 Series, taking delivery of two 727-200s.

Since then, Turkish currently operates a mix of Boeing 777-300ERs and 737 Next-Generation aircraft.
Dr. Ahmet Bolat,
chief investment and technology officer, Turkish Airlines, said:  "Boeing has played a pivotal role in the development of Turkish Airlines and these deliveries continue to enable this airline to compete, expand and reach new short and long-range destinations nonstop from our hubs in Istanbul.

"We are committed to offering our passengers on every route the best flying experience possible and we deliver on that promise as the 777 and 737 provide comfort and convenience in spacious cabins, all matched with unrivalled reliability."

Todd Nelp, vice president of European sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, added: "We are incredibly proud of our long standing relationship with Turkish Airlines, which now stretches back over 40 years with over 100 777 and 737 airplanes delivered.

"Turkish Airlines' growth throughout our relationship has been incredible and we look forward to continuing to support their future success."