Petra Airlines Contacts Air France Industries and KLM Engineering and Maintenance for Airbus A320 Component Support
Tuesday, 14 May 2013
Air France Industries and KLM Engineering & Maintenance has a workforce of over 14,000
Paris, Amstelveen, Jordanian carrier Petra Airlines has signed a contract with Air France Industries and KLM Engineering and Maintenance
(AFI KLM E&M) covering component support for its two Airbus 320s and to include a third aircraft by the end of this year.

The agreement is for flat-rate repair services and flight-hour pool access.

AFI KLM E&M and Petra Airlines began working on engine maintenance checks in 2011. Petra Airlines has now extended the relationship to cover component support. Petra Airlines have recently launched scheduled flight services.

Petra Airlines contracted AFI KLM E&M for the dismantling of one of its CFM56-5A engines and for long-term leasing agreement for a spare engine.

Fabrice Defrance, AFI KLM E&M senior vice president commercial, said: "We are delighted and honored to win the trust of a young and dynamic airline. In a difficult business climate, we hope to support it effectively and put our relationship on a long-term footing."

Riad Khashman, Petra Airlines cheif executive officer, added: "AFI KLM E&M's ability to offer us a wide variety of solutions. We explained what our technical and strategic needs were and AFI KLM E&M developed tailored solutions for us. I am certain that their services will guarantee us even higher performance and greater success."