Jazeera Airways Release April 2013 Operational Figures
Wednesday, 19 June 2013
KUWAIT - Jazeera Airways today released its April 2013 operational performance report showed accortduing to US-based OTP tracker FlightStats an on-time performance (OTP) of 91 percent.

The April report, which presents market share figures based on statistics from Kuwait’s Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA), Jazeera Airways has a 38 percent market share on the Kuwait-Beirut route, a 15 percent market share on the Kuwait-Dubai route, and a 10 percent market share on the Kuwait-Bahrain route.

The airline also saw an increase in passenger numbers on the Kuwait-Dubai and Kuwait-Jeddah routes, with a 6 percent and 8 percent increase respectively compared to April 2012.

The Kuwait-Amman route has a 44 percent market share, with an increase of 20 percent in passenger numbers on the route compared to last year.

On the Egyptian routes, the airline saw an increase of 27 percent in passenger numbers on the Kuwait-Sharm El Sheikh route compared to the same period last year, 6 percent on the Kuwait-Assiut route, 47 percent on the Kuwait-Luxor route, and 39 percent on the Kuwait-Sohag route.  Jazeera  market share for Sharm El Sheikh 62 percent, Assiut 53 percent, Luxor 72 percent and Sohag 54 percent.

Jazeera Airways Market Share Figures
for the month of April 2013

Route Jazeera Airways market share - April 2013 Number of airlines serving route during April 2013
Al Najaf route 66 percent 2
Alexandria route 16 percent 5
Amman route 44 percent 3
Assiut route 53 percent 2
Bahrain route 10 percent 5
Beirut route 38 percent 3
Cairo route 22 percent 3
Dubai route 15 percent 4
Istanbul route 5 percent 2
Jeddah route 15 percent 5
Luxor route 72 percent 2
Mashhad route 24 percent 5
Riyadh route 9 percent 3
Sharm El Sheikh route 62 percent 3
Sohag route 54 percent 3

Source: Kuwait Directorate General for Civil Aviation,
April 2013 passenger movement report.