Oman Air Joins CFM’s TRUEngine Program for its CFM56-7B Engine Fleet
Tuesday, 10 July 2012
Farnborough, England, Oman Air is the latest airline to become part of TRUEngine, qualifying all 33 CFM56-7B engines in its fleet for the program.

The TRUEngine designation serves as a method for identifying engines with CFM-approved content and facilitates product support of the engine system.  Moreover, industry stakeholders can use the knowledge of engine content to evaluate engine value and re-marketability.

Oman Air, which was formed in 1993 as the designated carrier of the Sultanate of Oman, became a CFM customer in 2001, when it became the first airline in the Gulf region to order CFM56-7B-powered Boeing Next-Generation 737 aircraft

Wayne Pearce, Oman Air'S chief executive officer, “Qualifying our CFM56 fleet in the TRUEngine program is a natural extension of our maintenance philosophy.

“We understand and appreciate the benefits we gain from working with a world-class manufacturer like CFM.  By confirming engine content, TRUEngine streamlines the support process and ensures the applicability of CFM’s extensive fleet knowledge.”

Since the program was launched in 2008, CFM has continued to add more features. One such includes the addition of cumulative lease days that qualify customers for complimentary annual spare engine support from the CFM lease pool in the event a TRUEngine qualified engine has an unscheduled removal.

Jean-Paul Ebanga, president and chief executive officer of CFM International added  “Oman Air has an exemplary reputation and exacting standards for its fleet.

“They are a great addition to the TRUEngine family and will certainly reap the benefits of this program.”

TRUEngine has continued to achieve broad-based industry acceptance.  Currently, more than 7,000 CFM56 engines in service with nearly 75 operators worldwide have been qualified for the TRUEngine program.

The TRUEngine program is available for all CFM56 engines. To qualify, a customer submits a declared list of compliant engine serial numbers, along with engine maintenance records, to CFM for evaluation to ensure the engine content, overhaul practices, and repairs are consistent with CFM requirements for that engine model.