Maximus Air Contracts GMF AeroAsia of Garuda Indonesia for Aircraft Maintenance
Thursday, 17 November 2011
Dubai - The largest all-cargo airline in United Arab Emirates, Maximus Air, contracted  PT GMF AeroAsia (parent company  PT Garuda Indonesia) to perform aircraft maintenance. 

The work is covered  in a Letter of Cooperation signed by EVP of Corporate Development and Marketing PT GMF AeroAsia Agus Sulistyono and VP Commercial of Maximus Air, Mohamed Ali Parkar.

The Letter of Cooperation was signed today during the Dubai Airshow 2011. "This partnership further strengthens the position of GMF in the Middle East market," said Agus Sulistyono.
Cooperation agreement between GMF and Maximus includes Airbus A300 aircraft maintenance for Line Maintenance services, when Maximus A300 aircraft are operating in the area. Fast Moving Component, and Material Support. The scope of this cooperation is still possible expanded in accordance with current developments and customer needs. Opportunity to add the items of work can be done along GMF has the capability and capacity to do so. "Maximus Air is a potential customer, especially for cargo aircraft that succeed to be convinced to send its aircraft maintenance to GMF," said Agus Sulistyono.
According to Agus, GMF has the capability to maintain various types of aircraft, whether it is to transport passengers, aircraft charter, and cargo aircraft. This capability continues to be developed according to market developments with reference to the standards and procedures specified by the authority of local and international civil aviation. With the approval certificate from FAA and EASA, GMF can work on maintenance on Boeing and Airbus aircraft. "This capability we are developing from time to time as the development of aircraft technology," he said.
Source: Maximus Air