Emirates to Operate Twice Daily Flight Service to the Seychelles
Tuesday, 13 May 2014
The Seychelles comprises 115 pristine, tropical islands, 1,600 km from the East coast of Africa. This archipelago contains the only mid-ocean granitic islands on the planet and offers sanctuaries for numerous endemic species of flora and fauna. The islands are also home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites.
DUBAI, Emirates, announced it will increase flight service to the Seychelles to twice daily later this year. The introduction of two more flights per week on the route into the Seychelles will increase the current 12 scheduled flights to fourteen starting 28th of October this year.

Orhan Abbas, Emirates' senior vice president, commercial operations, Latin America, Central and Southern Africa, saidL “Emirates’ decision to commit two additional scheduled flights a week is a clear indication of customer demand, both for our award-winning product and the wealth of attractions that this popular destination has to offer.

“Emirates’ expanded schedule provides better connectivity and a wider choice for our customers connecting through Dubai. These additional seats every week are central to helping us meet the growing demand and support the Seychelles tourism industry.”

Alain St. Ange, minister of tourism and culture for the Seychelles, added:  “On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Seychelles Tourism Board, I congratulate Emirates on the announcement that Seychelles will be served with two additional flights per week, offering customers excellent choice with its three-class configuration.

"This is indeed good news for our tourism industry which remains the pillar of our country's economy. Emirates has been a strong partner for us and the increase of flights to double daily shows the commitment of the airline to the Seychelles. It also indicates Emirates’ belief that the Seychelles tourism industry is today, more than ever before, on a firm footing.”

Emirates operates an Airbus A340-500  aircraft on the route with 12  in first class, 42  business class seats and 204 seats in economy class.