dnata Travel Launches Tour Packages Focusing on the Needs of Muslim Customers
Sunday, 18 October 2015
Established in 1959, dnata travel serves more than 7 million customers each year and has annual revenue of US$ 1.91 billion (AED 2.7 billion). With more than 200 outlets in over 50 countries, dnata travel assists more than 222,000 passengers and books 19,000 hotel stays per day
Dubai -  dnata travel, Emirates Group's fully owned ground handling, cargo, travel and catering services subsidiary, has announced tours and services focused on the Muslim travelers.  

Named “Holidays Tailored for You,” the program offers Muslim holidaymakers trip packages at a number of destinations, including beach vacations in Zanzibar, adventures in Kuala Lumpur and excursions in Geneva. 

These packages include Muslim-friendly hotel accommodations, serving halal food, prayer rooms; prayer mats, Qurans and Qibla indicators in every room, alcohol-free minibars, and offer Ramadan catering. 

Abdulla Tawakul, senior vice president, dnata Travel Middle East & India, said: “halal tourism is one of the fastest growing segments in the global travel industry representing $230 billion in annual spending by 2020” 

“As the largest travel agency in the Middle East, dnata travel is uniquely equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to book holidays that better allow customers to practice their faith.” 

The new service will focus on customers in the world’s 57 countries with a large Muslim percent of the population, dnata expects the main share from Gulf Cooperation Council countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates). 

dnata travel also plan to focus on customers from Western Europe, including the United Kingdom and Spain.