Rockwell Collins Provides Avionics Solutions for flydubai
Wednesday, 18 November 2009
Dubai, Rockwell Collins has been selected by flydubai, Dubai's first low cost airline, to provide avionics and a data link communication system for its fleet of 54 next-generation Boeing 737 aircraft.The announcement was made at the Dubai Airshow 2009.

The solution includes Rockwell Collins Head-Up Guidance System (HGSTM ), MultiScanTM Hazard Detection System and sensors, as well as Rockwell Collins' Hermes 2100 Ground Data Link system.

"We're honored to be working with Dubai's newest airline, which will play an important role in growing our presence in the Middle East," said Jeff Standerski, vice president and general manager for Air Transport Systems at Rockwell Collins. "Our ability to tailor a comprehensive avionics solution that offers both safety, economic and performance benefits helped Rockwell Collins achieve this win."

Ghaith Al Ghaith, CEO of flydubai said, "flydubai is committed to maintaining the highest levels of safety for our passengers and crew and this suite of systems from Rockwell Collins ensures our aircraft are at the cutting edge of developments in this area."

Rockwell Collins' HGS-4000 system features manual guidance to touchdown allowing for Category III approach and landing down to 600 ft / 200 M Runway Visual Range (RVR), low-visibility takeoff as low as 300 ft / 75 M RVR and lower-than-standard Category I approach minima as low as 1600 ft/ 400 M RVR. The HGS-4000 also has numerous safety features including specific symbology for tailstrike avoidance, TCAS alerts, as well as awareness and recovery from unusual attitude and windshear detection.

Rockwell Collins MultiScanTM Hazard Detection System is among the avionics selected by flydubai. The MultiScan system is the first and only radar that analyzes and determines actual weather hazards, not simply atmospheric moisture content. The MultiScan system is derived from extensive operational experience to create a fully automatic, hands-free airborne radar system that reduces pilot workload and enhances safety and passenger comfort by minimizing unexpected turbulence encounters, and provides optimal clutter-free weather displays.

Rockwell Collins Hermes 2100 Ground Data Link System enables process efficiencies by bringing together air and ground processes and information management within the airline. With its flexible architecture, the Hermes 2100 design enables a wide-range of solutions, from stand-alone systems to full integration with existing networks and mainframe applications. Enterprise Application Integration is achieved seamlessly with support for multiple protocol connectivity and business workflow through end-to-end transaction management and alerting. Coupled with it's compelling user interfaces, Hermes 2100 provides the tools required for effective and timely collaborative decision making.

Additional key benefits include:

  • Fuel management
  • Timely aircraft maintenance
  • On time performance

flydubai also has selected comprehensive suite Rockwell Collins sensors, including: ADF-900 Automatic Direction Finder, DFA-901 Direction Finding Antenna, DME-900 Distance Measuring Equipment, HFS-900D High Frequency Data Radio, CPL-920D Coupling Unit, GLU925 Multi-Mode Receiver, PAU-700 Passenger Address Unit, VHF-2100 High Speed Multi-Mode Data Radio, and VOR-900 VHF Omnidirectional Range Receiver.

Source: Press Release (Rockwell Collins)