flydubai Fleet Expands as the 7000th 737 Arrives in Dubai
Monday, 26 December 2011
Dubai, the latest Boeing 737-800 NG was delivered to flydubai, it also marks the 7000th 737 to be delivered from Boeing’s production line. Commenting on the arrival, flydubai CEO Ghaith Al Ghaith said: “We are proud to be the recipient of the 7000th Boeing 737, officially the most commercially successful model ever designed.

It is an aircraft that has been the focus of years of design and refinement to increase efficiency and range and reduce operating costs, which is why it is an ideal aircraft for flydubai. We promise our customers we will make every effort to reduce costs and offer them the lowest fares possible and the 737-800 helps us to achieve that while at the same time maintaining the highest levels of safety and comfort.”

Beverly Wyse, Boeing’s vice president and general manager of the 737 program, said: “It is exhilarating to deliver our 7000th 737 to flydubai, and we thank them for being among the hundreds of airlines, operators and leasing companies who have made the 737 the world’s most popular jet airliner. Thousands of employees have supported the many 737 variations Boeing has introduced, including today’s Next-Generation 737 family which is used in private, government and commercial service.”

The new aircraft arrived following its journey from the manufacturer’s base at Payne Field, Seattle, USA. It is the first of flydubai’s fleet to be fitted with a new Zonal Drying™ System, developed by CTT Systems, which reduces condensation accumulated during flights. The new system will eliminate almost 200kg of condensation per year from each aircraft, significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, as well as reducing the risks to the aircraft of structural corrosion. Earlier this year, flydubai placed an order for 31 Zonal Drying™ Systems which will be installed on flydubai’s aircraft due to be delivered between the end of 2011 and 2016.
“We are happy to be part of flydubai’s vision to provide the very best in efficient, cost-effective and comfortable short-haul travel in the Gulf region. The airline has one of the youngest and most hard-working fleets in the industry and incorporating the Zonal Drying™ System is the next step in increasing the structural and operational efficiency of its fleet,” stated CTT’s VP Sales and Marketing, Peter Landquist. 

In addition to optimising its operational efficiency, the airline has also taken steps to improve the passenger experience by incorporating innovative systems such as the Boeing Sky Interior and Fiber-To-The-Screen® In-Flight Entertainment system by Lumexis. This latest aircraft is the 14th in flydubai’s fleet to be fitted with the new interior and IFE, which means that two thirds of flydubai’s fleet now has these customer pleasing innovations.

flydubai’s aircraft also boast some of the aviation industry’s most sophisticated seating, engineered to provide more comfort and extra space. flydubai’s seats are comfortable on any length of journey and are manufactured by Recaro Aircraft Seating, one of the world’s leading specialised seating manufacturers. The brand also makes seats for sports and racing cars. Clever innovations to the seat design ensure passengers can enjoy an extra two inches of leg room, through moving the magazine pockets higher up the seat back, thus improving passenger comfort.

“Our seating system for flydubai is incredibly advanced and has been designed to support the airline’s priorities of comfort, cost and convenience. We have maximised personal space by repositioning the rear seat pocket to a higher level; promoted easy upkeep and hygiene with a new pocket design and have reduced load by using light-weight material instead of traditional fabric. In addition, the ergonomic design allows flydubai to add 9 extra seats to the aircraft, allowing them to sell more seats and reduce overall fares for passengers,” stated Axel Kahsnitz, CEO of Recaro Aircraft Seating.

Al Ghaith added: “flydubai’s aircraft have an unbeatable proven track record, a range of innovative measures to increase passenger comfort and reduce operating costs and the very highest levels of safety. Passengers travelling with flydubai know they are buying travel on brand new, innovative, comfortable and safe aircraft. flydubai may be low cost, but we certainly aren’t low quality.” 

Source: flydubai