RAK Airways Announces Six-Year Multi-Million Dollar Agreement with SITA
Wednesday, 28 March 2012
Ras Al Khaimah  RAK Airways,  have selected Horizon, the passenger service solution from SITA, the IT provider for the air transport industry. According to the airline "it reiterates its commitment to satisfy passenger travel needs by selecting Horizon, which will facilitate interlining with other carriers".

Omar Jahameh, CEO of RAK Airways, said: “RAK Airways is on a steady path of growth, thanks to the trust and commitment of our passengers. Signing up with SITA Horizon will meet all of RAK Airways’ passenger management needs as well as enable exponential growth in the airline’s business in the coming years.

“The SITA solution is very comprehensive and is backed by an investment program at RAK Airways. SITA has the state of the art technology, depth of industry expertise and local presence to work in partnership with us on this very significant implementation. The solution will give us the ability to operate interline partnerships and we are now ready to sign our first interline agreement with a partner carrier.”

Hani El Assaad, SITA Regional Vice President Middle East and North Africa, said: “SITA Horizon will provide a complete passenger service solution for all areas of RAK Airways’ operations. It will allow the airline to develop its strategy of being unique among the region’s airlines as a hybrid carrier that offers full service to passengers with interline partnerships with other carriers.

“Passengers will benefit from an integrated solution that takes them through the complete journey with RAK Airways. We are delighted to be working in partnership with this fast-growing and innovative airline.”

Although the value of the agreement was not disclosed, other than it is "six-year, multi-million dollar deal". According to SITA, Horizon product and service offering will provide RAK Airways with fare pricing, ticketing, reservations, revenue integrity, passenger revenue accounting, online booking and shopping services. In addition, it will include full departure control services for the airline at its main hub Ras Al Khaimah International Airport. The new system will be used by up to 200 reservations personnel at RAK Airways’ headquarters call center, as well as at travel agent offices.

Source:  RAK Airways / SITA