Egypt Air Current Aircraft Fleet EgyptAir Cargo EgyptAir Express
Aircraft Engine Registration number Built year Owned/leased
A300B4-200F CF6-50C2 SU-BDG 1982 Owned
A300B4-200F CF6-50C2 SU-GAC 1983 Owned
A300-600F PW4158 SU-GAY 1991 Owned
A300-600F PW4158 SU-GAS 1990 Owned
A320-200 V2500-A1 SU-GCL 1992 Owned
A320-200 V2500-A1 SU-GBA 1991 Owned
A320-200 V2500-A1 SU-GBB 1991 Owned
A320-200 V2500-A1 SU-GBC 1991 Owned
A320-200 V2500-A1 SU-GBD 1991 Owned
A320-200 V2500-A1 SU-GBE 1991 Owned
A320-200 V2500-A1 SU-GBF 1993 Owned
A320-200 V2500-A1 SU-GBG 1993 Owned
A320-200 V2527-A5 SU-GBZ 2003 Lease Finance
A320-200 V2527-A5 SU-GCA 2003 Lease Finance
A320-200 V2527-A5 SU-GCB 2003 Lease Finance
A320-200 V2527-A5 SU-GCC 2003 Lease Finance
A320-200 V2527-A5 SU-GCD 2003 Lease Finance
A321-200 V2533-A5 SU-GBT 1997 Owned
A321-200 V2533-A5 SU-GBU 1997 Owned
A321-200 V2533-A5 SU-GBV 1997 Owned
A321-200 V2533-A5 SU-GBW 1997 Owned
A330-200 TRENT 772B SU-GCE 2004 Lease Finance
A330-200 TRENT 772B SU-GCF 2004 Lease Finance
A330-200 TRENT 772B SU-GCG 2005 Owned
A330-200 TRENT 772B SU-GCH 2005 Owned
A330-200 TRENT 772B SU-GCI 2005 Owned
A330-200 TRENT 772B SU-GCJ 2005 Owned
A330-200 TRENT 772B SU-GCK 2006 Owned
A340-200 CFM56-5C3G4 SU-GBM 1996 Owned
A340-200 CFM56-5C3G4 SU-GBN 1996 Owned
A340-200 CFM56-5C3G4 SU-GBO 1997 Owned
B737-500 CFM56-3C-1 SU-GBH 1991 Owned
B737-500 CFM56-3C-1 SU-GBJ 1991 Owned
B737-500 CFM56-3C-1 SU-GBK 1992 Owned
B737-500 CFM56-3C-1 SU-GBL 1992 Owned
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GCM 2006 Owned
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GCN 2006 Owned
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GCO 2007 Owned
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GCP 2007 Owned
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GCS 2008 Owned
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GCZ 2009 Owned
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GDA 2009 Lease Finance
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GDB 2009 Lease Finance
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GDC 2009 Lease Finance
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GDD 2009 Lease Finance
B737-800 CFM56-7B26 SU-GDE 2009 Lease Finance
B777-200ER PW4090 SU-GBP 1997 Owned
B777-200ER PW4090 SU-GBR 1997 Owned
B777-200ER PW4090 SU-GBS 1997 Owned
B777-200ER PW4090 SU-GBX 2001 Owned
B777-200ER PW4090 SU-GBY 2001 Owned
ERJ170LR CFM34-8E SU-GCT 2007 Owned
ERJ170LR CFM34-8E SU-GCU 2007 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GCV 2007 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GCW 2007 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GCX 2007 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GCY 2007 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GDF 2008 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GDG 2009 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GDH 2009 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GDI 2009 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GDJ 2009 Owned
ERJ170LR CF34-8E5 SU-GDK 2009 Owned
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EgyptAir Extends Components Maintenance Agreement with AFI KLM E&M
Thursday, June 20, 2013

PARIS, AMSTELVEEN,  EgyptAir Group, represented by EgyptAir Maintenance and Engineering has renewed the component support agreement with Air France Industries and KLM Engineering & Maintenance (AFI KLM E&M) previously signed in 2004. 

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Egypt Air Launches Additional Flights from and to Bahrain International Airport
Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Muharraq, Egypt Air launched additional flights from and to Bahrain International Airport from Egypt's capital Cairo operated by the airline's Boeing 777-300 aircraft with 346 passenger seating configuration in business and economy classes. Read More
Rolls-Royce wins $350 million order from Egyptair
Monday, November 8, 2010
Rolls-Royce, the global power systems company, has won an order worth $350m from Egyptair for extended TotalCare® long-term services for 12 Airbus A330 aircraft. Egyptair currently operates eight A330s and four are due to be delivered in 2010 and 2011. Read More
EGYPTAIR receives first Airbus A330-300
Monday, August 30, 2010
EgyptAir has received its first Airbus A330-300 aircraft from the Airbus facility in Toulouse, France. Powered by Rolls Royce Trent 700 engines, the aircraft seats 301 passengers with 265 in Economy Class, and 36 in Business Class. Read More
Rockwell Collins avionics selected for EgyptAir A330s
Monday, August 24, 2009

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, EgyptAir has selected Rockwell Collins avionics for five A330 aircraft with an option for three additional aircraft. Deliveries are scheduled from August 2010 through 2012.

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