Rotana Jet Add Dalma Island of the United Arab Emirates to its Network with More Planned Destinations in the Near Future
Saturday, 16 June 2012
Abu Dhabi,  Rotana Jet has announced the addition of Dalma Island to its route network. Effective 21st June 2012, the airline will be operating three a weekly scheduled  flight to Dalma Island.

Rajendran Vellapalath; director of commercial and planning said, “In today’s world, Civil Aviation has become a key component of the economy’s infrastructure that has significant implications for the development of tourism and trade. At Rotana jet, we believe that we have a contributory role in affecting this transformation.”

Flights to Dalma Island will depart on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from Al Bateen Executive Airport in Abu Dhabi. According to the operator it will announce additional destinations in the United Arab Emirates in the near future.

Given the growing number of businesses and scheduled plans for development; Dalma Island is positioning itself to be an attractive business and tourism destinations in western region of  Abu Dhabi.

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Dalma Island, the History

The island belongs to Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It’s about 42 km Northwest of Al-Dhannah Mount in the sea, and about 210 km from Abu Dhabi. The area is about 33 km.
From the beginning to the middle of this century, there has been reference covering Dalma in the book of the British Resident in Sharjah in 1906:
“Dalma Island is heavily populated in the seasons of pearling…”

In 1936, the new Resident wrote:” On Dalma Island lives some people of Al-Qubaisat, Al-Mazarie, Al-Muharebah and Al-Moraikhat.”
Some historical references state (reference Al-ittihad newspaper of Abu Dhabi) research indicate in the 7th century AD, there were 5 main islands surrounding what is known today as Bahrain, one of which was called “Talmon”. Around the trees of this island, the tribe of Al-Moraikhat settled and built the first (Fraig) or neighborhood that was named after Al-Moraikhat. There houses, made of palm fronds, spread around the island and their ships used to sail around the Gulf's deep-diving trips searching for pearls. (Reference weekly Al-Ittihad newspaper, July 16th 1992-Al-Watan Encyclopedia, page 24)
In the past, the island of Dalma was considered the central position of the maritime pearling. The records mention there were regular markets for pearl vendors. One of the groups of buildings of the 19th century that was recently renovated includes the house of a pearl merchant from the family of Al-Moraikhy. Ceramics (shards of pottery dating back to the early Islamic era) were found during the restoration of the foundations of a nearby mosque. (Reference: “Civilization Underlying” An entrance to the Monuments of the United Arab Emirates)