Royal Jordanian Aircraft Fleet Ownership

Royal Jordanian Aircraft Fleet - أسطول الطائرات

A310-300 CF6-80C2A2 JY-AGM 1989 Owned
A310-300 CF6-80C2A2 JY-AGN 1989 Owned
A310-300 CF6-80C2A2 JY-AGP 1986 Owned
A310-300F CF6-80C2A2 JY-AGQ 1988 Owned
A310-300F CF6-80C2A2 JY-AGR 1989 Owned
A320-232 V2500 F-OHGV 2005 Leased
A320-232 V2500 F-OHGX 2006 Leased
A320-232 V2500 JY-AYD 2005 Leased
A320-232 V2500 JY-AYF 2005 Leased
A320-232 CFM56-5A3 JY-AYI 1995 Leased to
Royal Wing
A321-231 V2500 JY-AYG 2006 Leased
A321-231 V2500 JY-AYH 2006 Leased
A321-231 V2500 JY-AYJ 2008 Leased
A321-231 V2500 JY-AYK 2008 Leased
A319-132 V2500 JY-AYL 2008 Leased
A319-132 V2500 JY-AYM 2008 Leased
A319-132 V2500 JY-AYN 2009 Leased
A319-132 V2500 JY-AYP 2009 Leased
A340-212 CFM56-5B3/F JY-AIA 1994 Leased
A340-212 CFM56-5C3/F JY-AIB 1994 Leased
A340-212 CFM56-5C3/F JY-AIC 1993 Leased
A340-212 CFM56-5C3/F JY-AID 1993 Leased
E-195 CF34-10E7 JY-EME 2006 Leased
E-195 CF34-10E7 JY-EMF 2006 Leased
E-195 CF34-10E7 JY-EMA 2007 Leased
E-195 CF34-10E7 JY-EMB 2007 Owned
E-195 CF34-10E7 JY-EMG 2007 Leased
E-175 CF34-8E5 JY-EMC 2008 Owned
E-175 CF34-8E5 JY-EMD 2008 Owned
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Royal Jordanian Board Appoints an Interim President and Chief Executive
Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Amman - The Royal Jordanian board of directors, on October 26, appointed for a transitional period of three months captain Suleiman Obeidat a board member, interim president and chief executive officer of Royal Jordanian effective October 27, 2015.  Read More
Royal Jordanian Diverts Several Flights to Aqaba due to Dusty Weather
Wednesday, October 30, 2013
In a press statement, Royal Jordanian said it today it diverted several flights scheduled to land at Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) to King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba due to heavy dust and sand in the area surrounding QAIA. Read More
Royal Jordanian to Launch Flight Service to a Fifth Destination in Iraq
Monday, October 28, 2013
AMMAN - Royal Jordanian announced the launch of its scheduled operations between Amman and Mosul, in northern Iraq, starting November 12, 2013. Read More
Royal Jordanian to Mark it 50th Anniversary is Offering 200 Free Tickets Web Raffle
Sunday, October 27, 2013
AMMAN - Royal Jordanian launched the free-ticket web raffle in the Jordanian market starting October 27, 2013, the first of the 50 days marking the 50th anniversary of the airline, which falls on December 15, 2013. Read More
Royal Jordanian Starts Lagos and Accra Flight Service on 3 July 2013
Monday, May 27, 2013
Amman,  Royal Jordanian announced it will add two new destinations to its route network, Lagos, the economic capital of Nigeria and Accra, the capital of Ghana, starting July 3, 2013. Read More
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